Post Judgment Collection and Enforcement Lawyers

    The innocent among us would think that when a judgment is awarded in court, that’s it: CASE CLOSED! The rest of us know —or have learned the hard way— that the case is not over. In fact, in many ways, winning or being awarded a judgment is just the beginning. Think about it… If someone will avoid paying back their debt to the point of losing a lawsuit over it, chances are that person will not pay following a court-ordered judgment either. If the defendant doesn’t hand over the money, you are forced to take steps to collect it yourself.

    Will The Court Help Me Enforce My Judgment?

    Sadly, no… You are on your own. Alone. The reality of civil court judgments is that once a judge has determined that you are owed money and awarded you a court-ordered judgment, it is completely up to you to collect. Some think it gets worse, as the court is not even allowed to offer you instruction or advice on how to how to collect your judgment.

    How Can a Lawyer Help?

    While post-judgment collection is never easy, knowing how to collect a judgment is the only way you have fighting chance of seeing any money. No two collection matters are the same. Each collection case requires different legal tactics to obtain the desired results.

    The options that we may consider to enforce a Judgment include:

    • Wage Garnishment
    • Liens
    • Bank Levy
    • Keeper Levy
    • Assignment Orders
    • Till Taps

    Fraudulently Diverting Assets

    Fraudulently Diverting AssetsWhen tasked to collect larger judgments from clever business owners or savvy dead beats, we will often uncover that the debtor has somehow diverted money for the calculated and express purpose of not paying you and others. Debtors who are focused on evading paying their obligations (including court-ordered judgments), will often transfer title of their real estate to family members or trusted accomplices, make cash gifts to family members and relatives.

    Those owning or operating businesses – will sometimes dissolve their corporations and re-establish their business operations under different entities so as to appear as though they don’t have the financial assets to pay the court-ordered judgment.

    We can usually find the money! – We have the motivation, legal tools, and tenacity to uncover fraudulently diverted assets for the benefit of our clients. Moreover, we have successfully prosecuted post-judgment fraud suits against debtors and their ‘co-conspirators’ —or minimally— friends or family are willing and knowing recipients of the fraudulently diverted assets.

    Some of the legal tools we use to uncover fraud and enforce difficult Judgments include:

    • Persistent discovery & setting aside fraudulent conveyances
    • The subpoena of company books, bank records, and documents to locate assets
    • Legal actions to “pierce the corporate veil” & impose personal liability on corporate insiders

    Post Judgment collection work requires aggressiveness to prevail.

    Our Post Judgment Collection lawyers represent individuals, professionals, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized businesses in post-judgment enforcement in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and beyond. As a local Orange County based firm, we are able to provide our clients with personalized consultations and solutions. With years of experience, we run a well-organized collection operation so that we can find solutions efficiently and effectively for our clients.

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