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Representing Clients in Business Disputes in Orange County

Orange County Business Lawyers – provide business owners, partnerships, corporations, and individuals top-notch legal representation to assist with resolving business disagreements, contract disputes, partner disputes, and other legal matters that needs to be resolved. When a customer, a competitor, a vendor, an employee, or other person or entity fails to uphold the terms of a verbal or written agreement or contract, non-disclosure agreement, non-compete agreement, or other type of contract, swift legal action is required for the best possible result.

Are You Headed to Court over a Contract Dispute ?

We Can Help – we offer experienced legal representation to business owners, partnerships, corporations, and individuals involved in contract disputes in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside and beyond. Our first choice is to find a way to resolve the dispute quickly and quietly without seeing the inside of a courtroom, but when necessary, we are expert trial lawyers.

Are you be played?Are you being played? – When you enter into a contract with another party, you fully expect that party to live up to the obligations, terms, and commitments involved. When that doesn’t happen, you will want a competent and skilled attorney to help you resolve the matter quickly and efficiently. We can start with a legal demand letter and ratchet the pressure up further – if necessary. Oftentimes, when the other side sees that you are really serious, they will decide to comply, pay, perform or bend to your resolve.

Is someone really upset with you?Is someone really upset with you? – Though you’d like to comply, or find yourself frustrated by new and unforeseen circumstances — do you find yourself unable to pay, perform or satisfy the expectations of another person or business entity? Is it simmering to the point where you are being sued or about to be served any day? We might be able to help you negotiate a better outcome than the one that you envision. Call us – what to you have to loose? Solving disputes is what we do. Big and small.

If you need legal help to resolve a contract dispute in Orange County or beyond, call us. Whether your contract is for goods or services, is a real estate contract, business, or corporate matter; whether relatively simple or exceedingly complex, we can provide the help you need in resolving it – – – through negotiation, mediation, or litigation.

Plaintiff or Defendant, we assist with many business legal matters, including:

  • Breach of Contract
  • In the situation where you entered into a binding contract and the other party failed to fulfill its end of the bargain, there is a breach. We can help you recover damages including out-of-pocket expenses, injunctive relief, loss of the “benefit of the bargain,” specific performance and other incidental and consequential damages.

  • Business Disputes
  • We routinely represent clients in a wide variety of business disputes including breach of contract, partnership, member (LLC), and shareholder (INC) disputes, trade secret, non-compete, copyright, trademark, real estate disputes, and even contractual disputes involving employment issues.

  • Partnership Disputes
  • It is not uncommon for the the most amicable business partners to have a serious disagreement from time to time. Unfortunately, legal action may sometimes be necessary to protect your interest and investments. Common partnership disputes among partners include: (a) failure to honor fiduciary duties, (b) failure to satisfy contractual obligations as specified in the partnership or operating agreement, (c) secret business dealings that are contrary to the company’s best interests, (d) and many other disruptive scenarios.

  • Member/Shareholder Disputes
  • Shareholder disputes often arise for a number of typical reasons including: (a) a desire by shareholder(s) to terminate the shareholder relationship, (b) disagreement with the actions of the majority shareholders, (c) claims by a minority shareholders that actions of the controlling shareholders are illegal, oppressive or fraudulent. No matter the underlying reason causing the dispute, we are expert negotiators and mediators and can likely assist you in coming to a resolution that will be satisfactory to both sides.

  • Trade Secret & Non-Compete Disputes
  • In today’s competitive business environment, the loss or defection of trusted employees or partners can be disastrous. The theft of your customer list, supplier list, or confidential tiered wholesale pricing list can also be devastating if taken to competitors or used to start a new business that will compete against you. These days, critical data can be emailed, uploaded, or copied to a thumb drive. A $5 memory stick can contain a decade’s accounting and payroll records. Not only are we experienced in helping business owners in protecting their trade secrets, we are expert at prosecuting those who have stolen trade secret and confidential data for personal gain.

  • Copyright & Trademark Infringement
  • As Intellectual Property lawyers, we are experienced at protecting and enforcing the rights, services, products and marks that businesses have worked so hard to promote and grow. We are skilled at protecting and defending our clients’ rights and best interests in trademark disputes, copyright infringement and trade secret litigation.

  • Fraud
  • Right to the point! We aggressively litigate claims involving fraud or misrepresentation, whether negligent or intentional, including claims based on the non-disclosure and concealment of material facts.

  • Real Estate Disputes
  • Besides being Orange County business lawyers, we are Orange County Real Estate lawyers. Real estate law accounts for approximately half our legal business. We handle the entire lineup of real estate disputes and claims for sellers and buyers of residential and commercial real estate, including breach of contract, misrepresentation, earnest money & escrow disputes, failure to disclose, quiet title matters, specific performance, construction defect claims, landlord-tenant disputes, eminent domain, adverse possession and more.

Skilled and Accomplished Business Dispute Litigators

We are fully aware, under some conditions, that a breach of contract can affect the very survival of your business. In other situations if there is a trend developing, it may be necessary to brainstorm your business documents to make sure that you are better protected and can now –with new insights– revise your core day-to-day business documents to better protect yourselves and leverage your position. We are a handful of experienced and seasoned Orange County business dispute lawyers who are very familiar with contractual legal matters. Moreover, we are skilled and accomplished litigators in corporate contract disputes and other areas of business law. We can assist you with legal issues regarding binding contracts and breach of contract issues.

Are you aware that legal, binding, enforceable contracts do not have to be in writing? We represent clients in Orange County, Los Angeles, Riverside, and beyond prosecute or defend contract disputes involving verbal or written contracts

If an agreement is well drafted – carefully and completely describing the rights and relationships of the parties – we can easily resolve your contract dispute. We recognize that many contracts leave some issues unclear and many potential circumstances are not well-addressed. Most contract disputes involve these and other “complex” factual and legal issues. That’s where an experienced and knowledgeable contract litigation attorney can assist you in resolving your contract dispute.

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