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Very few business owners casually choose to be involved in litigation. Unfortunately, pursuing legal disputes or responding to a summons served to you or your business is often simply part of operating a business. Fortunately, with the right legal help on your side, it is possible to efficiently manage these business disputes, reduce the time, costs, stress, anxiety — all while minimizing the disruption to your business operations.

Served a Lawsuit?Served a Lawsuit? – A lawsuit can be a costly roadblock that forces your attention away from daily activities, and creates extreme levels of apprehension and anxiety than can seem paralyzing at times. When you are facing a business dispute, it is better to immediately consult with an attorney than allow the dispute to simmer. Often you can find a way to prevent a lawsuit, but if you wait until the ‘other side” gets so worked up that they file a lawsuit, it is then likely the other side will then want to see it play and be steadfastly opposed to finding a solution. Over time, as they must pay their lawyer more and more funds, their hard-line demeanor may soften.

Want to sue a person or a business? – When you come to us about a business dispute, we will review the facts and the law that is pertinent to your case; the merits and weaknesses (if any) of your position, the merits and weaknesses of your opponents positions, and then share with you the projected fees and costs to file suit or to defend your business if you have already been served as the defendant. We realize that as long as this dispute continues, you and your business will be distracted. We are also cognizant of the money involved in litigation and will always point out possible alternative approaches to resolving the conflict other than a courtroom battle.

If you’ve been harmed and are being ignored, a lawsuit is a powerful legal way to get someones immediate and focused attention! Filing suit — being forceful and ALL business — may be the legal hammer that will result in getting a fast and satisfactory settlement that you deserve.

Experienced and Seasoned Orange County Business Litigators

We offer our Orange County clients experienced business litigators who all have extensive trial experience, including jury trials. We believe in thorough trial preparation so that the opposition will want to sit down and hammer out a pretrial settlement that matches or exceeds our clients expectations, or, if necessary we will see the case through a trial seeking a verdict or decision in our client’s favor.

Orange County Courts are Busy and Backlogged

courtroom negotiationsIn Los Angeles, Orange County and Riverside courts, they are so backlogged that litigation cases are forced to make attempts to come to a settlement before actually ending up in trial. Because of that and the high cost of litigation, most business dispute cases are usually settled before trial. There are many forces in play that make pre-trial settlements the more common outcome. Our client, or our client’s opponent chooses to avoid the uncertainty of a trial; the financial costs of a trial; the emotional drain of a trial; and the disruption to operating a business during months of litigation.

The Courts Require Mediation on the Path to a Trial

The backlogged courts now insist that litigation cases must first make an attempt to settle using mediation, which is an alternative dispute resolution process. An increasing majority of business litigation cases are settled in mediation. Our trial lawyers are skilled and experienced participants in countless mediations representing our clients for the best possible settlement. As our client, you do not have to agree to any settlement in the mediation process, and can insist that you go all the way to trial.

Business Litigation Experience

We have a wide range of experience in all kinds of business litigation and courtroom trials. We routinely litigate business and commercial disputes of all types and sizes, including, but not limited to:

  • Breach of Contract — (helping clients ensure that breaches are handled swiftly)
  • Corporate and Securities (shareholder disputes, derivative actions, claims against directors and officers, and business dissolutions)
  • Employment and labor issues — (assisting employers defend wrongful termination, wage and hour claims, overtime, employee classification, claims with the Labor Board, disputes among partners, shareholders and investors)
  • Franchise disputes — (we advocate for both franchisors and franchisees)
  • Fraud claims — (helping individuals and businesses on either sides of a fraud claim)
  • Intellectual property — (protect your brand & trade secrets, aggressively pursuing claims against those who infringe on your intellectual property, defending individuals facing false accusations of infringement)
  • Real Property — (sales contracts, misrepresentation, fraud, commission disputes, earnest money/escrow issues, boundary and title disputes, leasing, quiet title and partition actions)
  • Trade Secret & Unfair Competition — (misuse of information by former employees, unfair business practices, interference with contract, and prospective economic advantage)
  • Trust and Estate — (representing corporate and individual fiduciaries, as well as beneficiaries and heirs)

Whether your business is located in Orange County, Los Angeles, or Riverside, we can provide you with the affordable legal services you require to keep your business protected and thriving.

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